Girls Golf Programs

Our girls program is created to inspire, motivate and bring fun and creativity to all our girls events. We follow the 5E’s of Girls Golf as the core of our programs to make sure each girl ENGAGES in our activities and feels EMPOWERED and ENRICHED, focusing on EXERCISE and feeling ENERGIZED.

We have weekly Orange Bowl girls golf skill clinics and bi weekly fun themed tournaments inspired by the LPGA Tour events and National Day calendar. We also have monthly social activities to help build empowering friendships amongst our families such as camping, ice skating and field trips. The aim is to improve and enhance the girls golf skills and get them into tournaments as well as having fun and making friends.

-We have many inside programs such as :

-Fancy Foods – Monthly at home Bake Along FREE

-Disney Family camping retreat annually

-Ice skating/ movie night socials

-Birdie Booth- youtube channel where girls create and conduct interviews of professional golfers. Erik Compton was our first interview.

-MOMmittee- a committee of moms from our girls members who help with our programs and help keep girls involved.

-LPGA Field Trips

-Leadership Committee we have just created a board for our girls where they run the creating of our events and programs. Check out our leadership board from our website..

We have a Girls Golf App – this app shows our tournaments and special events and this is how you sign up for these events. Join our Miami site @International Links Melreese